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Have some questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you still can't find what you are looking for please get in touch with us by filling in the contact form.

  • Why should I select Container Park for containers?
    Container Park strives to provide the best service at the most competitive price, and in a sustainable manner. We will always go the extra mile to meet our clients' container requirements.
  • What is the average price of a shipping container?
    Beware of container scammers with cheap pricing. You might think you have stumbled upon a bargain, but it might cost you in the end. If container pricing is significantly less with one company compared to others, this should immediately raise some red flags. Find out what the average market price is of what you are looking for and if you are quoted well below that, you are most likely being taken for a ride.
  • How to avoid container scammers?
    If it sounds too good to be true – it usually is. Beware of container scammers with cheap pricing. We urge all customers to follow the simple guidelines and pricing guides to ensure you are not being scammed. If container pricing is significantly less with one company compared to others, this should immediately raise some red flags. Find out what the average market price is of what you are looking for and if you are quoted well below that, you are most likely being taken for a ride.
  • What if I don’t know exactly what I need?
    Contact Container Park to assist you in finding the best container solution. We will ascertain how long you need your container for, as well as what modifications you might require. Container Park has specialists with many years experience who will assist you in this regard.
  • Can we visit your depot to view and pick our containers?
    Yes, we welcome visitors to our premises for this purpose. Contact us to make an appointment.
  • How secure are shipping containers?
    Containers are engineered from heavy gauge corrosion resistant steel. All containers are fully lockable, wind, water and vermin proof.
  • How do I prepare a space for the container (on the ground)
    It is important to make sure that the container is placed on a level surface. Place four blocks under the corners of the container to allow for air flow around the container.
  • How will I be invoiced for my rented container(s)?
    Customers are invoiced on a monthly billing cycle, in advance.
  • What is the minimum container hire period?
    One month
  • What is the maximum container rental period?
    There is no maximum. As long as your account is up to date you can rent the container indefinitely.
  • How do you unload the container from the truck?
    The tilt tray on the truck lowers the container at an angle; the truck then slowly moves forward and lowers the container to the ground. Alternatively a crane truck is used to lift the container from the side of the truck.
  • Is it possible to lift a container over an obstruction?
    This can be arranged by way of a contract lift utilising specialised cranes. A site specific risk assessment will be required to determine crane size.
  • What are the space restrictions for the delivery of a storage container?
    Storage containers are usually delivered and lifted to the ground by the truck’s own crane, parallel to the side of the truck. To accommodate the width of the truck and the container a space of approximately 8m wide is necessary. The length of space required to offload will depend on the length of the container but up to a single 20ft container will require a space over 25ft long and a 30ft/40ft container over 45ft of space. There must be no overhead restrictions such as cables or tree branches below 25ft high. The delivery truck must be able to drive from the highway to the offloading point which must be accessible and over solid ground with no restrictions such as drains. It is sometimes possible to offload over a low hedge or wall but this must be discussed and agreed on in advance of the delivery.
  • Can the storage container be positioned on any surface?
    Care must be taken with this. The whole area must be solid enough to take the weight (eg concrete, paving slabs, railway sleepers, or stone). A loaded storage/ shipping container must be supported on its 4 bottom corners and placed completely level. This will ensure that doors open and shut easily.
  • Do you arrange site surveys to cover truck access, container siting, etc.?"
    Yes, this can be arranged.
  • How do I pay if I purchase a storage container?
    Payment is required at the time of delivery or pick-up. Means of payment by direct credit or EFT.
  • What if I don’t need my rented container anymore?
    Depending on the terms of your contract, you can contact us and we will arrange pick-up from your address.
  • Do you provide second hand containers?
    Yes, we supply second hand containers for sale, hire and storage. Sizes range from 3m, 6m and 12m containers. We constantly search for the best possible quality to offer our clients at competitive prices.
  • If I purchase a container, will I be able to sell it back to Container Park at a later date?"
    Container Park is prepared to buy back second hand shipping containers previously purchased from us. Price will be subject to the container's condition, current market prices and transport costs incurred to transport the container back to our depot.
  • Can you offer modifications or conversions to your containers?
    Yes, we do! Container Park will ensure that we provide you the best solution, at an affordable price. Our production team and creative engineers evaluate each project to ensure quality workmanship in the final product. Get in touch with us, our team will guide you through the process.
  • Can you stack containers?
    Yes, this will be done with interlocking twist locks to comply with health & safety regulations.
  • Can our container be supplied in a specific colour?
    Yes, Container Park can spray paint the container in whatever colour you require. We use a high specification marine paint on re-sprays.
  • Do I need council approval/planning permission?
    This will depend on your specific local council, what you intend doing, as well as the location.
  • How secure are the contents of my container in your self-storage facility?
    If you use our self-storage facilities your contents will be very secure. You will lock your container, using your own padlock, so no one else can access it. Our self-storage containers are housed inside our fully fenced facility which is monitored by a security firm.
  • What is the expected life of a container?
    This depends on the use of the container. However, shipping containers are sturdy and secure, having been designed and manufactured to cope with bad weather, moving goods around the world, and long periods at sea. A used container will usually have been in international operation for in excess of at least 10 years. You can easily expect a further 10 to 20 years of use with reasonable use and maintenance.
  • Can you deliver to anywhere in South Africa?
    Yes, depending on access for the trucks. Delivery to main areas will be more cost effective than outlying areas.
  • Can you deliver multiple containers if we need them?
    Yes, we have the facilities to deliver large quantities.
  • How are containers graded?
    New – Factory direct There is a grading system for used containers according to condition, eg. A-D Grade – Previously used, but in good condition. Average age 10-12 years. Cargo Worthy – Previously used and typically sold in "as is" condition. All above containers will be in a wind and watertight / cargo worthy condition UU - unusable container AV - awaiting inspection
  • Do you have a question we have not addressed, or need more detail?"
    Please get in touch so we can assist
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